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The AC Cobra Kitset Car

RWC Cobra 427 SC

The RWC 427 SC is a fully engineered and refined version of the famous Shelby Cobra 427 SC made famous by Carrol Shelby and his team thoughout the mid sixties.

Many movies featuring Cobras including Cannon Ball Run and Gone in Sixty Seconds have further enhanced the appeal of this most copied sports car.

Our car is technically rated as a 'look alike' rather than an 'authentic replica' (as are most Cobra replicas available at an affordable price). The reason this car is rated in this way is it uses a tortionally rigid space frame backbone chassis all totally built here by us, in our workshop, instead of the originally twin tube chassis, and most importantly has a hand laid fibreglass body instead of the original aluminium bodies constucted by AC Cars for Shelby.

As there are many other suppliers of bodies and kits for the Cobra available, we have decided to focus on those customers who have always wanted a cobra but dont have the time or skills to build up a kit. Research has shown that only one out of six kits are completed by the original purchaser.

Cars built for customers to date include those using 460cu inch big block Ford engines, 289, 302 and 351 cu inch small block.

Due to excess weight over the front wheels affecting the cars nimble handling we don't recommend using big blocks, however we will accomodate customer requirements.

Transmissions have included Ford top loaders, Borg Warner super T 10, Tremac 5 speed, Ford C4 automatic and Chev turbo hydro 350 automatic.

The choice of power plant, transmission, upholstry, wheels and tyres, and most importantly body colour enable the owner to personalise their cars to suit their taste.

Each car complete with leather seats, new instruments, reproduction badges, mirror etc will be certified, registered and warranted, when collected by the excited owner ready for many miles of fun filled motoring.

The price for a base model Turn Key RWC Cobra 427 SC is $95,000 including GST.

Those cars using new or high HP engines and /or gearboxes, up rated brakes, exotic wheels and tyres, will obviously be more expensive. Customers wanting a 'race' spec model will be catered for.


  1. BODY

    High quality hand laid gel coated GPR (fibreglass) including core mat reinforcing in high stress areas.


    A tortionally rigid chassis is essential to good handling and ride quality and to this end we have created and fine tuned our chassis to meet the highest asthetic and functional standards. Our powder coated multi tube triangulated backbone chassis includes stress seam welded panels for front and rear bulkheads, floor, foot boxes and transmission tunnel. Safety features include door intrusion beams with burst proof locks, double skinned and tubular framed foot boxes, steel sides to door areas, integral steel panel front and rear bulkheads, crumple zones and stressed floor panels to resist lozenging.

  3. Front Suspension

    • Powder coated, fabricated top and bottom arms with new urethane bushes and coated GM stub axles.
    • Reconditioned GM rack and pinion with new tierod joints, steering shafts with new universals and rod end mount connected to Honda collapsible steering column.
    • QAI aluminium body shock absorbers.
    • Powder coated springs and swaybar with urethane bushes.

  4. Rear Suspension

    • Powder coated fabricated, bottom arms with off set cam adjuster, narrowed XJ6 drive axles, painted reconditioned Jaguar XJ6 diff.
    • QAI aluminium threaded body hyperchanged shock absorbers and powder coated springs and swaybar with urethane bushes.

  5. Roll Bar

    - Chrome plated two-piece roll bar (single hoop or double).

  6. Brakes


    - New GM disks and reconditioned calipers.


    - Wilwood disks with Wilwood or Outlaw four or six pot callipers NB Wheel size will dictate disk size. Tilton balanced bar brake pedal with twin master cylinders.

  7. Engine and Gearbox

    - to customers specifications (any HP or state of tune).

  8. Wheels and Tyres

    - to customers specifications.

  9. Paint

    - Colour and design to customers specifications.

  10. Upholstry

    - Leather seats, dash and door panels. Marine carpet.

  11. Gauges

    - Autometer Cobra range including reverse sweep speedo.


    - Base Turn Key price $95,000 GST inclusive


    can be altered at extra cost if required